ABOUT AerOptim

AerOptim has hands on experience of aeronautical products life cycles. We have been working for more than 20 years on the design, operations and maintenance of civil and military aerospace products, including aircraft, helicopters and RPAS keeping always safety at first. We can help you in bringing those knowledge of the aerospace environment to optimize your operations.


RPAS Design

AerOptim design RPAS system for the needs of the Agricultural Industry and for Special Operations.

Aircraft Operations

AerOptim help you improve your revenue by auditing your operations, analyzing the resulting and available data and proposing solutions tailored to your specific environment.

Safety Training

AerOptim provide Visual Safety Management Training to the members of your organisation. The main training aim is to improve the Risk Management awareness skill of the participants by using visual tools.


AerOptim can perform the set up and customization of the ECCAIRS (European Co-ordination Centre for Accident and Incident Reporting Systems) system for your organization.


AerOptim has experience with small organisations and knows their specific issues. In order to help small organisations undergo smooth regulatory authority audits, we will conduct a pre-audit inspection of your processes, identifying potential flaws. The results of the pre-audit inspection will help you correct potential problems before the official audit.

Safety Investigation

AerOptim's trained and experienced Aircraft Accident Investigators have worked with numerous investigation authorities and operators. AerOptim works according to ICAO Annex 13 recommendations. National Accident Investigation Bodies, Manufacturers, and Operators don' t have the human ressources necessary to investigate all the events which can occur in their environment. AerOptim can provide investigation resources to cope with this situation. On behalf of and under the management of your organisation, AerOptim can bring its expertise to participate in on-site investigations, laboratory analyses and component tear down.


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